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An unusual approach to being healthy

We all have been told at one point in our life that its important to be healthy

Healthy defined is “in good health” or “in good physical condition”

So how do we know when we have reached that point? How do we know when we've gotten healthy?

The best way i can explain it is explaining where I came from to where I am now.

In the beginning of my fitness journey I assumed I needed to “eat clean” to be healthy. Which meant I had to cut out dairy, sugar, carbs exc. I would even take the croutons out of salads. Yup, that was me.

I worked out 6-7 days a week for 1-2 hours with 2-3 days of extra cardio. So , with that came sacrificing meals with family and anxiety when planning vacations.

I didn't have many fitness related goals, so i wasn't working towards anything. I was being a slave to my own ideas of what healthy was.

This, to me, is not healthy.

We should not be slaves to our bodies and sacrificing things for no reason.

Since walking through some of this pain on my own and processing a lot with the lord on what matters. I have redefined healthy.

Healthy to me is going on walks with my husband because we love being outside

Healthy to me is working out to be strong, be able to do some pushups and play sports.

Healthy to me is going on spur of the moment dates to get pizza or eating the donut.

Healthy to me is finding what works for you. What aligns with your goals and priorities.

This is also why I LOVE working with my one on one clients. Your priorities and goals are different then mine.

If you love pizza what the heck are you doing trying to do keto?

Choose a healthy life that you love.

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