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Exhausted and feeling like you’re being asked for more?

A client told me recently she had been putting herself on the back burner for years since her kids had been born and she's starting to feel it.

The exhaustion is overwhelming. When she takes the kids to the park she could fall asleep on the park bench despising the other parents running around with their kids.

Have you been in the spot where you feel empty and just can't get ahead?

A Lot of us miss the importance of prioritizing ourselves. Which actually hurts us in the end. We show up less at our jobs, in relationships and put the things we love off to the side.

If you can't find a way to do it for yourself. Do it for the people around you. Prioritize you. Whether that's exercise, drinking water or hiring someone to help you take out the guesswork.

Don't give up on you, don't wait for the perfect time.

In a conversation I had last week I was told “When my husband gets home from work I just want to go to bed, I'm not interested in spending time with him”. The kids exhaust her and when she reflects on the past few months realizing she had put herself on the back burner and was feeling the repercussions.

What we sometimes miss is that if we take care of ourselves less we have less to give. We need to pour into ourselves, our health so that we can be dominate the workplace and home life

What are 3 things that you can start doing that can drastically change how you show up as a mom and wife

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