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“Hey Maria, so what is it that you do?”

What a loaded question that I would love to answer.

But let me start with where I came from. Long story short, I was a personal trainer for 5+ years. I taught every class under the sun and I did love it. I always did a little something on my own but nothing crazy.

Then covid 19 happened. Long story short I lost my job and wasn't content sitting around so i started looking into taking my business online.

I had gotten my health coaching certification years before but never got to use it the way i wanted so i thought it would be cool to incorporate

I came across so many online companies that help coaches establish themselves online

Fast forward a year

I have worked with several coaches invested a lot of time and money to build a company i am super proud of

I started out just doing generic live workouts, giving people macro adjustments and being their accountability

High impact coach was the company that took me to me to a whole other level

I was submerged into a sea of really amazing people who genuinely wanted to help people and offer life changing programs to clients.

But one of the most valuable things I learned was about myself

I spent months figuring out my weaknesses, my opinions of myself, the lies I believed from when I was a kid.

The things i carried throughout my whole life that i shouldn't carry

I realized those struggles are what led me to an eating disorder I had when I was younger and they still haunted me while I was trying to create my business and help others.

Through this journey i felt myself transition from an insecure flaky business owner to someone who is passionate about bringing actual change to people's lives

I don't just want to tell you what to eat and what workouts to do.

I want you to find joy in your everyday

To address your foundations of why you believe certain things about yourself and about food

I want to address your foundations of fitness and why you feel you have to workout a certain way or do a certain thing

I realized just giving workouts was about 10% of the issue.

I had to do more than that, I couldn't just be a personal trainer, it wasn't for me anymore

I wanted people to experience life change and show up as their best selves the way they wanted to. Not cutting out carbs or being unable to go out with friends.

So through trial and error I believe I have created a program that addresses your foundations so you can build a freakin bomb house

When you work with me it's just the beginning of you becoming a boss. Being confident in your routine, Setting goals and reaching them but also seeing where your heart is at

I have been influenced by some pretty amazing people and i desire to do the same

In the past year I have been amazed by the journey the lord has led me through.

A few months ago I launched an app which was a dream I never considered to be my own. I love working with all of my clients because I don't work for money. I work with people I believe I can help. I am creating a life of deeper purpose and it allows me to show up fuller in other areas of my life

So maybe this is something you need to read because it could be beneficial for you to work with me or maybe this can be an encouragement to chase a dream you've been considering or to step out of your 9-5.

I'm Not sure but all i know is I'm thankful for this life that i get to be a part of.

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