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Lying awake at night frustrated you messed up, again.

Going out with girlfriends, trying to use wheel power to refrain from the foods that you really want.

After caving. Are you beating yourself up about it? Not able to enjoy any part of going out anymore?

If you find yourself in this cycle often it's time to take care of you, your mental health and your relationship with food.

I was caught in a similar cycle for so long.

Realizing this mentality wasnt allowing me to enjoy girls' nights or the whole day after.

This is not what I wanted or what I wanted for anyone else.

So I did something about it, did my research and realized my body needed more and I was depriving it. I also wanted to be able to eat what I wanted and not get derailed everytime.

I actually had better results in my mental health and physical health allowing myself to eat the foods I loved.

It was frustrating to me that I spent years doing the opposite, actually preventing progress.

Don't do the same. Learn how to make all foods work and be able to enjoy time with friends.

Work towards creating healthy relationships, with yourself, food and friends

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