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Simplify your workouts by doing this

Another freaking fitness app. How annoying. I actually agree and I don't.

First off let me say I'm not trying to convince you to use my app. It may not be the best move for you. There may be another app out there that serves you better. Thats awesome. Of course I'd love for you to download and be a lifelong subscriber. But maybe that's not what's best for you.

SO why am I writing this blog? Well because maybe it is a good move for you. And I want to share with you why I created it and what's involved in it. So you know before downloading. Fun fact though. You can actually download the app for free and get a lot of great, free content. But when you upgrade and subscribe to it. That's when you gain access to a lot more.

I can't tell you my app is the best in the world. Because I have not downloaded every fitness app in the world and tried it out. I do know that compared to other apps that I have used I prefer it and I'm going to tell you why.

A Lot of times we can think that more is better. More features, more exercises, more variety. But a lot of times what that can do is cause confusion. Or overwhelm. And it wont get you the best results, either. I had a user tell me she hated the peloton app because there was too much. Too many options. Can you relate?

I know for myself I found one fitness influencer and one app that I follow. I don't utilize a million different things because I find that to be overwhelming. And again, not the best move for results. So whether it's my Instagram or the MIFIT app I encourage you to do the same. Don't follow a million people and try to mimic a million people's routines and workouts.

Keep. it. Simple.

I used to follow and try to copy so many different people. I would go back and forth between programs and styles of working out. For example I would try high intensity workouts then I would do a Crossfit style. Always switching things up. I was all over the place. So , for the best results, find a few or one person you trust and go with him or her.

Now to the MIFIT app. I love this app because it is simple. I'm not giving you a million options or styles of workouts. Because you don't need that. Instead I have workout options for working out at the gym or at home. Within that I have programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. These are workouts that I do. SO I don't suggest you do one thing and then I do another. There are also live workouts where I'm doing the workout live and you can follow along with me. This is great if you need the extra motivation or form cues.

The workouts are more traditional weight lifting. Depending on your fitness level the exercises will change. I have sets and reps all laid out for you and video tutorials for each exercise. Along with the programs there are general workouts. Here you can go based on body parts you're looking to lift rather than programs.

That covers the basics of the workouts within the app. Then there are recipes for all meals including quick snacks. There are grocery suggestions and what to order when out to eat. Again, everything within the app is simple and to the point. Don't look for extravagant meals here. Do you want quality, quick meal ideas? This is definitely the app for you. If you're more the type to want to spend hours cooking following a complicated recipe. Look elsewhere.

Within the app there are also learning sections. Where you can set your own macros, or listen to any workshop I have hosted or any eguides created.

To me this app is the best option for you if you want simple effective workouts. Also if you want some education in macros or meals that would be considered macro friendly. The MIFIT app is for you. The reason I created this app is because a lot of people over complicate fitness and health. So with this app I hope to bring clarity on how simple and straightforward fitness can be.

You can download the app here. And Upgrade to gain access to all sections here. I was going to wait until black friday butttt if you read this you get access early. If downloaded before Sunday and you use the code “VIP” when purchasing the app to upgrade. You will get $5 off every month for life. SO be sure to download and upgrade for the best promotion all year!

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