The Only Macro Counting Program You’ll Ever Need

Have you been looking for a resource that helps you develop a macronutrients plan that helps you hit your fitness goals without going hungry? I may have the perfect coach and program for you! (Hint: It’s me and my newest program, DIY Macro Management.)

Why I want to help you with your macros

I have been a personal trainer for 5+ years and have seen so many clients come in with macro counting programs they printed from the internet or had a random coach send them through a text message or email. I would take one look at it and completely revamp the numbers. The cool thing was, after my alterations, my clients were finally seeing results! But I know that working 1:1 with me might not be in the cards for you right now, which is why I created something more accessible for you.

Meet DIY Macro Management

DIY MACRO is a 12-week DIY macro training program that gives you all the information you need to set, adjust, and achieve your macro counting and fitness goals.

I don't think it's beneficial to just get macro adjustments from a random coach online. Instead, I coach you on how to figure out your macros yourself. We’ll also get clear on what your actual goals are and which macros you need to achieve those goals so you’re eating for energy, muscle, and fat loss.

Best of all, DIY MACRO is all housed in my MI Fitness App, which makes it easy to use on the go. You have it in your pocket and I give a lot of e-guides and freebies within it. This means that anything that my 1:1 coaching clients get, you get (aside from 1:1 access to me, which you can get with my virtual coaching packages). Just look how easy it is to access your new macro numbers through the MI Fitness App!

Macro counting is not just about knowing your numbers now — it's about knowing your numbers as your body changes. This program will help you with that.

Join DIY Macro Management today

If you are ready to improve your life through macro counting and adjustments that you have control over, get signed up for my DIY MACRO program today. It is just $349 for the 12-week program, and you get access to a special section of the MI Fitness App made just for DIY Macro Management program clients.

Start reaching your fitness goals with macros — and feel confident in your ability to adjust as your body and needs change. Sign up today for just $349.


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