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Quarterly Challenge

Starting in July

To be a part of the quarterly challenge you must download the first phorm app and select me "maria Imperato" as your advisor"​. Within this challenge you will receive:

  • Custom macros with ability to track in-app

  • Custom supplement recommendations

  • Home/gym workouts with demo videos

  • Weekly team Zoom calls

  • In-app check ins

  • Accountability group chat

  • Macro adjustments

  • In-app messaging

$12.99 per month


Download the MIFIT app for clear, simple workout programs

You can download the free version of the app. When you upgrade and subscribe to the MIFIT app. You will gain access to All workout programs. They can be completed in 25-35 minutes. You can select gym or home workouts.

 Within the app you have access too

  • beginner, intermediate and advanced workout programs. Including video tutorials of each exercise.

  • Live workouts

  • Macro friendly recipes and grocery suggestions

  • How set your own macros program. No coaching included

  • Stretch routines.

  • Workout styles will vary from:

    • Circuits/Hiit

    • Supersets

    • Upper-body days

    • Lower-body days

    • Body-part splits.

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 6.25.07 PM.png

5.99 per month

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