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How to keep making progress in your fitness during the holidays

The holidays mean we’re going to be seeing family, surrounded by good food and cozy vibes. Then before we know it, new years.

The holidays can be intimidating because it's a time when most say that they will start next year.

But There are a few adjustments you can make to have a different holiday. It starts with a change in perspective. We can make improvements to our health or continue to do so. But we have to at least believe in ourselves. I recently had a call with some team members in the current 8 week challenge I’m coaching and participating in. It was amazing to hear so many people seeing so much progress in their fitness now. When most people throw in the towel. So I have alot of proof that you can make progress despite what the norms are.

So this is for those who have been making an effort in their fitness this year and for those who haven't. Here are some things to start implementing to enhance your holidays and get you ahead of the game for new years.

The first thing you can do is change your focus from weight loss to maintaining. It is so important for you to focus on periods of maintenance. People will sometimes hit a plateau and stay there because they don't take time to maintain. You can check out this video for details on what a reverse / maintenance looks like. . But, again, it is so important for you to have periods of increasing what you're eating. Give yourself that break and period to work your calories up. So why not use the extra holiday calories to your benefit!?

Spend the holidays enjoying your family and making memories. Not stressing about eating too much or not enough. Or stressing getting to the gym every day or getting your cardio in. Instead for the next few months your goal can be to get to the gym twice a week or start incorporating home workouts. Be realistic.

It's very important to have a goal and have practical steps to get there. But it can be different than what you’ve always done, don't be afraid to simplify those goals. By changing that it will allow you to hit the goals and feel better about yourself and enjoy the holidays more.

What I’m saying here is find a balance. You can enjoy all the holiday things and be disciplined in hitting your goals. This is why I love tracking my macros. When I track it allows me to see that I can eat apple crisp and still feel great and maintain my progress. Because that's my goal right now. If you want to learn more about tracking macros check out this blog.

Along with balance. Why not add in more protein. Protein is crucial in helping us feel satisfied and helps curb cravings. It's also crucial in maintaining and preserving our lean muscle. Also strengthening our hair, skin, nails, bones and so much more. We need protein people. But it will also help you in feeling satisfied during and after meals. Then you won't feel overwhelmed with the desire for the entire pumpkin pie.

Also be sure to fill your plate with some fruits and veggies. This is ideal for fiber and vitamins. The more veggies on your plate the less room for all the extra green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. Not that these are bad but again, balance.

Instead of trying to form 10 new habits, focus on falling back on the ones you have already set. For example you want to get a handle on your diet and are pretty good about getting a lot of water in. For now let's nail down getting in enough water. Consider making minor nutritional adjustments like adding protein and veggies. This will help you master the habit you already have and then we can build on that.

You may also want to start getting to the gym but you're finding it hard to get there. But you have been walking several times a a week. That is awesome! Stick to that. Walk for an extra 10 minutes or an additional day and nail that habit! Now could be the time to master the habits you already have rather than trying to stack on a bunch of new ones.

Start with one new habit. If you are very overwhelmed and feel motivated to take care of yourself because you haven't been. Start with one new habit and focus on getting 1 % better everyday at that one thing. Rather than trying to start 10 new habits while juggling holiday commitments.

It could be that the past few months you haven't been taking care of yourself. At this point it's catching up to you and you’ve had enough. So you want to jump all in and make a change.

Along with shifting your focus from weight loss to maintenance. Let's take our millions of new things we want to put in place and narrow it down. If you want to start making more nutritious options for your family AND not eat any sweets. Now these in itself can be very big goals but rather than having both of those let's start with one. Also, no sweets? That sounds terrible, how about moderation?

Another way to keep making progress is add in an extra workout or walk a week. If you find around the holidays you’re a lot more sedentary or adding in a lot of calories. Add in an extra 5 minutes to each workout or walk or add another day of intentional movement.

If you need further brainstorming don't hesitate to message me on Instagram (@mariaaimperato). Or book a call and we can chat about it further. Accountability is so important. So share your goals with your coach, girlfriend or spouse. And do the work.

It's so important to be present with our family and friends during these holidays. Time is precious. But these are some things you can do now to start taking care of yourself or improve what you're already doing. But you also don't need to use this as an easy out. If you want to be the best version of yourself. Feeling your best and showing up as your best. We have to take care of ourselves. That's why I focus on the big four no matter what. (protein, calories, movement and water). Because I know I feel my best and everything is better if I'm feeling good. I use fitness to enhance my life, not ruin it. And I encourage you to do the same.

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