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How to prevent the "on track" "off track" during the holidays

To prevent being "on track" or "off track" I have a few things I always keep in my daily routine wether I'm home or away. But something that i found to be extremely helpful is first figuring out what is actually helping me and what isn't.

For example wether i was on vacation or it was a holiday I always found myself forcing a workout in. Even if I wanted to sleep in or doing something different I would always force a workout. I would find myself eventually burnt out and not truly relaxed during these times because it was always something in the back of my head that I had to do. What I find now is my body craves a break a true break from heavy lifting and different things I often have in my routine. Even macro tracking. There are certain points my brain and body are saying no I need a break.

So rather then forcing myself to do these things i consciously take a break.

So the first thing to do is find out what actually makes you feel relaxed but in the end doesn't make you feel crappy.

An example of this for me is i drink my greens everyday. it helps me feel regulated and improves my digestion. To me its a no brainer. especially when I'm out of my normal routine this helps me still keep my digestion regulated and overall feeling good. Its hardly any additional time out of my day and it helps me feel good. Ultimately creating a better holiday or vacation.

There are three things I always do if its a holiday or I'm on vacation

Drink my goal amount of water. for me 80 ounces of water is my sweet spot. i feel my best when I'm drinking that amount. It helps with weight loss, skin, energy exc. I know that if I'm not getting enough water I could feel hungry or fatigued so i always make sure to drink my water.

I have one or two protein shakes (depending on my meals the rest of the day). No matter what even if it means brining protein powder with me. i will have a protein shake. lately I'm loving my peppermint bark protein( in my coffee. Its sooo good so i have been having that everyday. So wether its one or two shakes I know hitting my protein is crucial for my goals. protein is key when wanting to look a specific way or for fat loss or muscle gain. Protein is key in how you lose the weight or build that muscle. It also helps you feel satisfied and now crave everything. So for me protein is a non negotiable.

Drink my greens.( As i wrote above drinking my greens takes little to no time. I know it will help my digestion as I may not be eating as i normally do. It helps me feel regulated and get those nutrients in. I have been taking greens for over 2 years now and would never have a day that i don't drink it. liquid gold!

These are three thing I do on Christmas, Easter, or any holiday and when I'm away. These are habits I have developed that I find truly beneficial to me and my health.

Something to consider when wanting to create habits in general or vacation habits is what actually serves you and helps you feel your best.

Hope this helps you crush the holidays and know how to create concrete habits!

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