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Start getting your workouts done-heres how

Starting a new program or challenge and you're feeling super motivated. You hit the ground running. You're getting your workouts in and feeling good. Then you wake up one day, and are doing a million things and by the time you stop to think it's 9pm and you want to go to bed. You miss your workout and tell yourself it will happen tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and goes and here we are feeling unmotivated and stuck.

Can you relate?

The first thing that I would ask someone is why do you think you're stuck. Why do you

feel like you can't get yourself back into the groove? The initial response may be "I'm busy". Please join me on my little rant...

Everyone is "busy" with all the commitments we choose to busy ourselves with. You don't need to be at every event or host every function. We can't be everything for everyone. If we complain about our busyness. We need to check ourselves on who is actually creating this schedule of busyness for us? If it's things we're putting our kids in. Maybe they're feeling the struggle too and it would be better for all, if you took a step back. Maybe they don't notice but they will if your temper spikes with no instigation. Or they feel the stress boiling out of your pores.

I have been reading the Ruthless elimination of hurry. I cannot suggest it enough and i'm not even finished with it. But this book has challenged me so much in the importance of rest and not trying to be everything for everyone. We can't do everything, we can't run ourselves dry and expect ourselves to flourish. Or our kids or spouses. I saw my need to be everywhere and have everything the way I want affect the pressure I put on my husband. Where did that get us? Not stronger, that's for sure. We're doing fine, it was something I caught and had to address. And I still am.

But this is also something I noticed when people tell me they don't have time to workout, cook or things of that nature. First off I want to talk to people about that, I enjoy brainstorming. I have been in the game for a while so sometimes I do have some helpful hacks. But it also comes down too if getting fit and healthy is not a priority for you it's not going to happen. AND if you're spreading yourself so thin for everyone else it's no wonder you have no energy or time for yourself. Unfortunately, this will only be able to last so long. For me it showed in getting easily irritated. Because I was rushing from one thing to the next. If you threw me off we'd have a problem. Now instead of "yessing" everyone and everything out of guilt. I have realistic expectations for myself. And now other people.

It is important to take care of ourselves. To lead by example. Wether thats the people or little people around us. We need to be implementing habits that we want to replicate. People see you. Would you want someone else to replicate your day to day? Someone, whether you know it or not us watching what you do and trying to be like you. Are your habits worth mimicking?

Now practically speaking and addressing the title of this blog. To start getting your workouts in you have to prioritize them. This is not out of vanity either. But you should desire to take care of your body. To be able to show up feeling your best. To be an example.

We need to establish our why. Why do you want to get your workouts in and lose 20 pounds? To feel better? To fit into your clothes again? To be able to carry your kids to bed without feeling exhausted. But, now, really think of your why. You don't just want to lose 20 pounds. Maybe it's that your daughter is following in your footsteps and you don't want the same for her. Maybe you've started and stopped programs so many times you want to prove it to yourself you can do it. That your freaking why. That needs to be your reminder everyday when you want to toss in the towel.

So first. Assess your time. Where are you spreading yourself so thin you actually cant take care of yourself.

Second. Establish what your why is. Then really establish what your why is.

Third. Start to implement habits that help you succeed in getting your workouts in. Maybe that is going to bed not scrolling on your phone late at night so you can get up in the morning. Or during your kids' nap 2 times a week is when you get your workouts in. Or 3 nights a week you and your spouse choose going to the gym or going for a walk instead of watching another episode. At the end of the year would you rather say you scrolled a culmination of 100 hours on social media or netflix. Or that you went to the gym or moved your body for a total of 100 hours. Choice is up to you.

Create a schedule and take small steps. Fitness doesn't have to be complicated. Start small and achievable and work up to a bigger goal. Maybe you'd eventually like to be running a 5k or teaching classes at a gym. But right now you're not doing anything. SO let's start with 1 workout a week for 20 minutes. Crush that goal then in a month or two lets add in a walk a week or another workout. Maybe you came out the gate too hot and you needed to ease into it a little more. Thats super common. So assess what you've done in the past and why it didn't work and let's adjust. Find what works for YOU.

But then after you've set some realistic expectations and goals. Then it's time to cut the crap. Either want it or don't. Find a solution or don't. Reach for your goals or don't. I want to cheer you on so if you need more support. Join my free facebook group here and let's crush some goals and get long term sustainable results.

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