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Supplements I take and why

All of these supplements I continued during pregnancy. I would suggest speaking with your doctor before including them in your regimen if you are pregnant.



I am not someone who takes any supplements. And you shouldn’t be either. The trending powders and things on tick-tock. Please, don’t just order away because they're cheap and someone says they changed their life. Know why you’re taking it AND what's in it. Typically I see this a lot with protein powders. People just look at the price tag and buy it from Walmart. But then you may think you have a whey protein intolerance because you get so bloated and gassy after taking it. It may actually be that you just bought a crappy brand and it's not digesting well in your system. Because of its crappy quality. I don't want to knock Walmart BUT I wouldn't suggest you buy your supplements from there.


I spent years buying cheap protein powders and supplements. I bought many from Costco and Walmart. Because they were cheap. BUT I wasn't seeing benefits from them. Supplements are a great way to fill in the gap with your health. Most supplements can be filled with whole foods. Except for the post workout stack I will list below. But supplements are a great way to take the thinking out of it and fill that gap. But don’t just do that with whatever you can find. If you're going to invest in it. Then do it right. Why spend $30 for no benefit if you can spend $50 and there's a great benefit?



I came across First Phorm (which is where I buy all of my supplements now) a few years ago. I fell in love with the company because they actually cared about the people purchasing the supplements. Later I reached out saying I was interested in becoming affiliated with them and right away they hoped on a call with me to get to know me. They also have an option to get educated by their staff. Which I joined right away. So I learn weekly if not daily more ways to help other people. (like you)


You’ll find many supplement companies are about making the sale but not First Phorm. Their top priority is helping people where they are at. They will actually refund you if you don’t love their product. WHO DOES THAT!? I absolutely love that about them.


You can also reach out to them at any point with a question or guidance on how to further your progress or understand a supplement. That's pretty bomb.


Last but not least. Their products are top notch. They have explained in detail why certain things are labeled certain ways. It's because they don't want to be misleading or blindside you with anything. SO what you see is what you get. Their products are designed to solve problems. Not just a band aid effect. They educate well on all their supplements right on their website.




How can you know if a supplement is good quality? One thing you can look for is how it's made. If its low temperature processed, bingo. That's a gold mine. You want low temperature processed because it means the quality of the protein is not denatured. A Lot of supplements are high temperature processed. So think of a chicken breast cooked at a super high heat for half the amount of time. It's nasty. Probably with a lot of charcoal on it and super dry. Think of your protein powder being made that way. NASTY. So that is something I look for. Low temperature processed. Which First Phorms supplements (like greens and protein) are made that way. Yay for high quality.

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