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3 reasons why I'm an anti- runner

Whenever I say I hate running friends who knew me years ago always respond "but you loved running". It shocks me because I know my thoughts back then were not that I loved it but that I had to do it. I convinced myself I loved it but not from a place of love, but of fear.

So, today I’m gonna be a little polarizing and address three reasons Of why I’m an anti-runner

One, sometimes we force cardio in general out of punishment. I can think back to so many scenarios that I made myself get up to go for a fasted run. Mad at myself for the night or week before. Fearing that if I didn’t run the food I ate last night would stick to my thighs this time. Thoughts like that haunted me for years. and reality check, you cannot gain fat like that overnight. It takes time to see change, in a bad or good way.

A lot of what I went through could have been prevented. If I understood what amounts of food my body needed for fat loss or fat gain. I had no understanding of that and so I lived in fear of the fat monster attacking me one random night. So I was always on guard waiting for all progress to be lost. So because I lacked knowledge I lived in fear.

Two, we think running will make us look The way we want. I want you to stop and think about it for a second. Being as skinny as possible is not actually what we want. Also if you're not eating how you should be it doesn't matter how much you run the fat wont just fall off. But when you think about how you want to look, We have some meat on us. We want the butt and a little definition in our arms. We don't want to be skin and bones. So a lot of us to run because we assume we'll lose fat in the places we want. When in fact , if we understood we needed to build muscle and took the time to be strategic with our lifts, we could get there. For example: how many of us would love the small waist? We assume running will get us there or being as lean as possible will get us there. When in fact some peoples body shape will never be able to get that way. So instead of focusing all out attention trying to get lean. If we took the time to build our back (specifically our lats) our waist could start to look smaller. 🤯

Three, I spent years running For the wrong reasons. I would force myself to run out of punishment Because I had eaten bad the day before and thought fitness had to be hard. I found running to be hard because I hated it. But I figured there had to be some part of me that had to be miserable to see results. I ran because I thought it would make me look the way I wanted. I ran because other people did it and looked good so I should too. My heart was not in the right place. I was doing it for all the wrong reasons, I lacked knowledge of how it all worked and I paid the price. How many of us could say we do things just because ? or without too much thought or understanding of what we're doing?

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t run or you can’t see results from running. I just challenge you in why you run. Consider what I have shared in my experience and create routines that you enjoy and have reason to why you do it.

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