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4 tips to stop Skipping Workouts And Meal Prepping

Summer is the best. We cannot argue that. But something we can argue is that summer is also hard. There are more social events and days spent at the beach or on vacation. Maybe you have kids so the kids are home for the summer. It can derail progress and throw off your routine. It can do those things or not.

Summer is full of choices. To get up early and get the workout in or sleep in. To make sandwiches with turkey meat on them for the protein or have an uncrustables on the beach with some chips. To drink your water throughout the day or sip on your Starbucks pink drink. We have the choice and it's not up to anyone else.

So for a little tough love. The choice is up to you. You can make excuses for not getting things done. I'm actually quite good at that. But what I've come to realize is that a little slip here or there can lead you down a very different path after a few weeks.

For me a slacked on tracking for several months. My numbers were off everyday and I started to feel it. Because I had been pregnant i was eating a lot of carb so my intuition was way off even after my miscarriage. I felt the lack of energy and strength big time. And I'm supposed to be a fitness professional? I was embarrassed with how much I had let things slip and for no good reason. I had gone through a miscarriage and used that to justify a lot of my decisions. But after a while it was an excuse because I was being lazy. Also taking your health seriously benefits you in countless ways. So it should be in the forefront of your mind.

So I do have some tips to share to help you with some road blocks you might have. But if you have more excuses than solutions, that's your problem. It's on you, not anyone else. There are ways. Maybe it needs to look differently than it has, maybe you need to step back from some things. But there are solutions.

Anyways! Here’s Four tips I use with myself and clients to help get things done... This is especially helpful for my people who say they don't have time

Put it in your calendar. Don't just say “oh tomorrow I will workout” go and put in the time you will start and end your workout. Treat your workout like a doctor's appointment. It is just as important because both are for your health improvement. What I do is at the beginning of the week I have my workout times in my calendar. Then the night before as I'm looking over my schedule I adjust the time if needed. Sometimes meetings come up or something of that nature so I have to be flexible.

I also Workout four days of the seven in a week. So if something comes up in my schedule or I'm feeling sore or anything like that. I have plenty of wiggle room to move my workout to a different day. Actually today while i'm writing this i am very sore. I'm supposed to workout today but everything is very sore. So I may take another rest day and push my workout back a day.

There have been seasons where I have my schedule so jam packed that there is no room for adjustment. I have everything back to back and I forget I may need to have time to breathe. So it's important to have some wiggle room in case something else comes up.

But take the gym off the to do list and put it in the calendar.

Literally set a timer and for activities you do often for example working out. It takes me 30 minutes to get a beneficial workout in. So I set that timer ( I also always have my workout written beforehand). Then at that 20-25 minute mark I know I need to start wrapping things up. You find that the moseying around part of things tends to disappear and you'll even get a better workout in.

This can be applicable to other things also. Set a timer for how long it takes you to vacuum your first floor. Then the next time you go to do it you should know how long it will take you. Then you can set the appropriate amount of time aside. This is a way to prevent the puts-ing. Don't stop to check your phone or start cleaning something else. Focus on that one task. This goes for your workouts too. Does it take so long because you're on your phone in between every set? I've been in phases of doing that and my workouts take a long freaking time when I do that.

Take a week and write down what you're doing every 30 minutes. This can seem like a very daunting task. Think about all the times you stop to check your phone or get side tracked when you're trying to get something done. If you know you'll need to record that maybe you won't do it. But also if you see you spent 3 hours a day in total stopping and scrolling on your phone that could be a bit of a wake up call. What are you spending your time on? What do you need to cut out and where can you add in those things that you are trying to incorporate?

This is a great way to check yourself and what may be taking up a lot of your time.

This is the most important out of each of these. Know your why. Why do you want to workout or eat right? You want to lose 20 pounds? why do you want to lose 20 pounds? Is it that you don't want to be at another family event feeling uncomfortable? Or maybe you are starting a new job and you want to buy some new clothes in the smaller size. There are so many reasons why someone would want to make changes. Really think about what your reasons are. What's the deeper reason behind your why?

That should be the fuel to your motivation. That should push you to prepare the sandwich or chicken. That should get you moving. That should fire you up.

I hope these four things are applicable to you and help you along in your fitness journey!

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