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5 things that helped me out of my binge and restrict cycle

Ever feel like you are the only one struggling with it.

Like there is a huge cloud over the topic of binging.

If you were to tell someone you struggled with it you would be humiliated.

It feels like there is no hope, weekend after weekend the struggle haunts you.

You try to bring it up to family members but your words just don't line up with how you actually feel. The loneliness that's really behind it.

I remember trying to talk about it but i was so embarrassed that I couldn't.

I remember trying so many different things, hearing all these “influencers” trying to relate to me.

“Oh please, you have no idea” I thought

Looking back I wish I had let someone in sooner. Someone who understood where I was coming from.

I talked to my husband. The guy who is known for being shredded and eating enough for a small family🙄

But these 5 things were game changers for me.

I started tracking my macros, eating more carbs and protein, worked out less, I started eating desserts and I talked about it.

If you are not the praying type, journaling your feelings and paying attention to your thought life is huge.

Taking on defeat like it was meant for you is a lie.

Taking ownership of who you can be is up to you.

These practical things I needed to hear. Because I was always hearing otherwise.

This is a hard lonely frustrating topic but it can be helped, you are not alone 💜

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