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Client highlight : Jackie

No excuses. That's what I feel like Jackie would say if I asked her how she did it. She didn't let the excuses win. When Jackie and I first spoke before the 8 week challenge started she said she had a huge paper due in the next few weeks and would be graduating with her masters shortly after that. She was letting me know that just in case things didn't go as expected or she couldn't put all the time in that she wanted. During the challenge there were unexpected deaths and she got sick too. A lot of reasons to take some days off or throw in the towel

But Jackie freaking showed up.

Here we are at the end of the 8 week challenge and she is down 29.5 pounds. She didn't make excuses when she could have. One of the requirements I have during a challenge is that you need to be submitting assessments weekly. It takes you literally 5 minutes. That way I get a summary of your week and I'm not chasing after you. You'd be amazed how many people “forget”. Or in my opinion just don't prioritize it. Jackie, despite being at the tail end of school (while working) submitted every single one of the assessments. She would respond to feedback and implement it.

Jackie did the small mundane things every single day.

I'm not saying she was perfect there were definitely weeks that there were areas that needed attention. Hence why she came to me. But she would take ownership of her choices.

Jackie also reached out for help when she needed it. If she was going out she'd ask how she could still make progress and enjoy her night. She wouldn't just say the next day ah yeah i went out last night but today is a new day. I can remember her messaging me about what she should order to eat and drink at the korean bbq place. We brainstormed together and at the end of the day she felt great about her choices. Felt great physically and saw the scale go down at the end of the week.

“Weight and exercise has been a struggle my entire life. My family’s love language is feeding everyone and for a long time I thought I’ll be fine no need to exercise or watch what I’m eating…well, was I wrong! Last year was the heaviest I’d ever been, I got married, and I was in the thick of getting my masters. I was not thinking about myself or my health. I was eating what I wanted, smoking, drinking, and extremely sedentary. I felt like crap and I’m being very nice with the word. Let’s be honest….I felt like sh**. I had mental fog, severe laziness, and the list goes on and on. Fast forward to a few months ago, my cousin in law told me about an 8 week challenge and I said what have I got to lose? Here I am at the end of the challenge, losing almost 30 pounds and feeling much better and seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re on the fence about starting to put you and your health first, get off the fence and let’s get going! I promise that this will change you. If you feel 100% committed, trust me…you will change for the better.” - Jackie

So what is the 8 week challenge?

The 8 week challenge runs 4 times a year. You can start working with me at any time but the challenge would add in the group/team atmosphere. But the 8 week challenge is housed in the First Phorm app. Here is where you would be given macro numbers, you have the option to plug into a workout plan and have access to me as your coach 24/7. (with some wiggle room on the weekends). I am with you every step of the way. So if you have never tracked macros, that's ok. That's what I'm here for. If you don’t know what tracking macros means or looks like. Check out this blog for more info on that.

But within the challenge there are 4 daily expectations. To hit your water, protein, calorie and movement goal every single day. And the 2 weekly goals are to weigh in and submit an assessment. You also get access to team calls, education and a group chat where we all hold each other accountable. And of course a winner at the end of the challenge.

I have found this to be a great way to stay motivated and know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals and maintain them. It's about the long game. So after and in between challenges I'm still here to help you hit those goals or maintain the progress you've made.

Like I said above you can access this type of coaching with me at any time. AND is only 12.99 a month.

To get started or get more info on it, book a call with me!

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