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Client Transformation: Alexis

Today we're going to address 5 reasons why Alexis crushed her goals!

But, first I want to bring you back to My first call with alexis. I remember her saying she wanted to work together but wasn't ready. she had some travels planned and didn't want to interrupt them. After chatting for quite a while we realized she didn't want to have to put her life on pause to be healthy. she would do one at one point and later address the other.

Which brings me to my first point. She didn't pause her life to address her health. How often do we hear people saying they need to do XY&Z before they can start taking care of their health? for example, a popular one is: I'll wait after the holidays to start working out. alexis did her thing while incorporating fitness into her lifestyle. She also goes through periods where her job is busier than normal but that didn't stop her from progress.

which brings me to my second reason. She didn't overcomplicate fitness. Alexis had poor eating habits and wasn't exercising. So we started with one or two workouts in the beginning and hit her sweet spot of 3 days a week. She maintained that in busy seasons and slow seasons. She didn't have to do something ever day and then add cardio. She did what felt good and maintainable and stuck with that.

The third thing she did well was she always pulled the positive. This is something I have each of my clients do every week but she did it well. every week there was a reflection or realization from the prior week that she had. this was a reflection of her prioritizing her health not only in her head but her heart. She wanted the change I didn't have to convince her of it.

An example of how she crushed her goals was she didn't go by the scale. Often we allow our success to be determined by the scale. But she went by her mental health, energy levels and how she felt overall. This focus allowed major progress in all areas including going down two jean sizes.

Alexis was a perfect example of balance. She was disciplined not motivated. Now, there were weeks she said she felt motivated but she didn't rely on it as her source of fuel to get things done. She had her goals and some days wasn't perfect but always made progress. she hasn't stopped since.

Alexis has formed eating habits that prevent her from the out of control snacking. She feels confident in her choices and fitness path. If you feel you need a change like alexis let's have a conversation to see if i can help you.

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