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Counting Macros During the Holidays

The Christmas cookies are being made, the chocolate coins are on the table, and the holiday parties are on the calendar. But when you are counting macros, it's difficult to work around your holiday schedule (and all that food).

Here are some tips to help make counting macros easier during the holidays.

Track your protein

When tracking macros, you do not want to go over each macronutrient by more than 5 grams and you do not want to be under by more than 5 grams. Paying close attention to your protein and really tracking your protein intake will help you keep on track.

Plus, protein is rarely available at many parties. There are normally way more mac and cheese dishes and desserts at my parties! That’s why it is very important to make sure you are still finding places to get in your daily macros for protein. Try to eat your proteins before heading to the party, or maybe have a plan to eat your proteins after the party.

It may also be helpful to bring a protein with you to the party as a dish to share! Then you know there is something available to you. Maybe some holiday tacos? You might even start a new tradition.

Don’t slide into a macro deficit

Even with all the parties and events during the holidays, you do not want to stop hitting your macros. Getting into a deficit, not counting your macros, or not meeting your macronutrients’ goal for a long period is going to hurt you in the long run. We don’t want that to happen!

To stay on track, make sure you are paying attention to your protein, fat, and carb intake. If thats too much then focus on the protein and total calories. Staying as close to your daily macro goal as possible. I know this is really challenging during the holidays, but I promise it is better than being in a deficit.

If you are trying to force yourself into a deficit or just eat less you may end up grabbing the Christmas cookies or leftover appetizers from the party the night before. You’ll find yourself “messing up” more often than not. When this could have been prevented by consciously eating more calories during the holidays and dropping again in the spring.

Set realistic expectations

You always want your expectations to be realistic when starting a health and fitness journey. But the same goes for the middle of your journey, too! If you are setting your expectations too high, it can cause you to fizzle out and give up when you are not seeing results.

Use realistic expectations to your advantage during the holiday season. When attending parties or holiday events, set macro goals that you know you will achieve. “I will track my macros this whole week, and then eyeball during the party on Saturday.” Or “I will make sure I am meeting most of my macros before the party and then estimate while there.”

Setting realistic expectations will make you feel good. You do not want to put yourself in a negative space (especially during the holidays). You want to be proud of the goals you are accomplishing! Being realistic with your goals will make your holiday season way more enjoyable.

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If you are looking for more tips to help get through the holidays with a healthy outlook. Head over to my Instagram @maria_slager_imperato. I’ll be sharing tips, motivation, workouts, and more to help you stay on your healthy path as the holidays roll around!

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