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Give Yourself the Gift of Fitness in 2022

The holidays are often a time where we guilt trip ourselves about food or exercise. And that’s unfortunate, because they should be a time to spend with loved ones, reflect on the past year, or look to the year ahead.

Even when we focus on getting and giving presents to our friends and family, we sometimes forget to treat ourselves, too. At least, not when it comes to gifts that can keep us happier and healthier in the long a new fitness tool that’ll help you reach your goals.

Leave the guilt behind

When we enjoy a night out with friends or a tasty treat, we think we should be doing something instead, like going to the gym or eating a healthier meal. Then we feel guilty for not doing those things. But I have news for you: You can do all of those things and still be healthy. Why not go to the gym regularly and still treat yourself to a cookie? (Or a few cookies?)

When we deprive ourselves of treats or activities we love, we often form a negative relationship with its alternative. For example, if you miss a fun happy hour because you went to the gym, you might start dreading going to the gym because it’s cutting into your hobbies. You may start skipping workouts or classes all together because you’d rather be doing something else.

So, let’s cut out the guilt, shall we?

Healthy practices like working out and eating well are important, but you don’t have to give up other things to make room for them. Rather than take away those things, what you can do is invest in something — regular workouts with your health and fitness coach, a manageable nutrition plan — that’ll create better balance in your lifestyle.

Let’s create healthy habits together

Rather than buy that purse you saw on sale or those fancy new sneakers, why not think outside the box this holiday season and treat yourself to a present that’ll last you a lifetime?

The MI Fitness App is the perfect fitness package wrapped up in one handy app. With the MI Fitness App, you get simple workouts, delicious recipes, motivation, and more. It’s like having a personal fitness coach in your pocket!

Or, if you need more customized advice that includes a tailored exercise plan, detailed nutrition, accountability and motivation, my 12-week intensive virtual coaching program is for you. With virtual coaching, you get 1:1 help and support from me. Schedule a FREE consultation call today and start creating healthy fitness habits now!

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