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Lets Declutter Our Desk

Yesterday was national clean off your desk day and honestly who doesn't love a clean desk.🤷‍♀️

It made me realize With the new year there is so much being said about what you need to do to get back on track how to lose the holiday weight and feel better.

We’re all being encouraged to try a million new things and set a million goals and most likely in a few weeks from now you will have an extremely “cluttered desk“ and won't be able to manage everything on it. So I’m going to take a different perspective and highlight a few things that are important in your health and fitness journey but also encourage you to get rid of all of the other crap that’s out there.

For example if someone is recommending a weight-loss shake do not buy it. That is not teaching you sustainability or a lifestyle that you probably want to maintain. What is so important to remember is you want to make decisions and do things now that are going to positively affect your life and help you create the life you want. If you’ve been told do you need to work out six days a week in order to see the progress you’re looking for. Think about that, is that what you want to be doing six months or a year from now? Do you want to have to maintain that? Probably not.

A lot of times we over complicate fitness and we over complicate what we think we have to do. But it really comes down to moving your body, nourishing yourself, getting water and vitamins that you need and enjoying your life! If what you’re doing now is not doing that for you get rid of it. And you can enjoy your life and be healthy at the same time.

So these few things that are often overlooked and or made complicated I want to encourage you to not do that and simply address one thing at a time so if you’re not exercising right now and that’s what you would like to do. Start with one day a week and see how that goes. You don’t need to exercise for hours and hours to be healthy. Science will back me up and you also want to be able to enjoy what you’re investing your time in. Sure there will be days that you’re not super motivated to exercise and you should but there’s also a time to listen to your body.

So all this to say clean off your desk from all of the junk that everyone is throwing at you, narrow down what you value and what is important to you and consider who you want to be. Don’t let fitness be your life don’t let it take away from the life you want. It should add to it.

Start with a nice clean desk and add the things that add to your life not take away from it.

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