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My first trimester experience

My first trimester experience has been new, challenging and sweet. We were not surprised but I still feel very surprised. In the fall we decided we would see how things went, without tracking or timing anything, but just not preventing anything. But then in February we had said let’s try on the day I ovulate, kind of for fun. And it worked😆 I guess I was expecting it to take longer( it took my mom 5 years to get pregnant) because it’s still not hitting me but we are so very excited.

The concept of being a parent is intimidating and we have been processing that quite a bit since we found out. We are very excited to say the least. But being a parent is a big deal!

I took a pregnancy test because I had missed my period and I had been cramping quite a bit for almost a week. I figured it was period cramps but took the test with my sister for the heck of it. Turns out it definitely was not period cramps. Did I plan a sweet way to tell my husband or parents or anyone? Nope, I basically screamed it to peter and then my parents. That week we slowly told family members and then called a lot of family the following week. I know a lot of people wait to tell people until closer to 12 weeks but I simply could not. Lack of self control, possibly. I just wanted to tell the world right away.

Since finding out we were pregnant my symptoms were minor but as of the last few weeks I was pretty tired by 3 PM but that only lasted about a week. Now, I could fall asleep anywhere anytime but I don't necessarily feel tired. It's crazy for me because I normally can't nap at all.

Then as of late a little bit more nauseous, and have no desire to eat, but I’m still able to do what I need to do. I start the day off with my reading in the morning with a bag of pretzels at my side because that helps with the nausea. I also usually have some pretzels or crackers before I get out of bed and then all throughout the day. As I write this I just ate taco salad which is one of the only meat sources I've had in several days. Which is crazy for me, but we're figuring it out!

My exercise has hardly changed, I’ve been staying consistent with my strength training workouts four days a week. And I was walking 3 to 4 times a week but now I’m walking every day. I am getting my pre-and pro post natal specialist certification right now so I should be done with that in the next few months and I’m looking forward to being able to incorporate these things exercises and nutritional advice for myself and for clients.

As far as cravings go like I said I’ve been having pretzels in the morning just because it settles my stomach a bit and I’ve been having oatmeal after that whenever I am ready. Normally I would have breakfast as soon as I wake up around 7:30 but now I’m not really eating breakfast till closer to 10 after I’ve had some pretzels. I’ve been kind of grossed out by chicken eggs and desserts. I figured I’d be craving desserts but I have zero interest. So instead I've had more of an interest in cheesy options like pizza bagels or cheese and crackers.

The only supplement I’ve switched up is rather than my regular vitamins I take prenatal vitamins, still through first form. It’s called the joy bundle which is the cutest thing ever. I still take my protein shake which has been really helpful for me, it hasn’t seemed super appetizing to me but I make it work(on days i can). Honestly, nothing has been extremely appetizing to me, I haven’t been as into eating but I know nutrition is so important for me and my baby right now so I am still trying to hit my macros that I was reaching for earlier. 220 grams of carbs 65 grams of fat and 150 grams of protein. To be honest that has been a major struggle so I'm just doing my best and listening to my body. In my second trimester I will increase my numbers a little bit and third trimester increase again. I’m hoping to maintain my exercise routine and get my appetite back soon. I’ve been told the first trimester is the “worst" but I really can’t complain about how I’ve been feeling.

I have been so overwhelmed by the support and excitement that we received and makes me more and more excited for this baby to come. I’m excited to share my journey with you, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask but remember I am figuring it all out as well.

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