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Protein could be what you're missing

Protein, protein, protein. If you have ever worked with me or watched my stories on social media you know I put a lot of emphasis on protein. In the past six months I have learned so much about protein and its significance. I am going back through some of my blogs and removing some of the blogs I have written in the past. Not because I was wrong but because there is so much more to it. And I want you to know about it.

I have become very passionate about educating people in their health and fitness. Why do we do certain things? For example why we should incorporate more protein. There is so much noise out there about how to be fit and what to do to get results. But the education piece is lacking. That's why we turn to fad diets and quick fixes. Because it will get us fast results. But we’re not educated on why those results wont stay long term. We’re not educated enough, we blindly follow the next hot thing.

I say this because I did that for years. I tried the detox teas, the fasting, the fat burners, you name it i did it. Because I wanted results but I wasn't educated in…. Pretty much anything. I took everyones word for it. Early in my fitness career I took other peoples' words for it too. I told people to do X,Y and Z because someone else said it too. Well not anymore. For a while now I have taken it upon myself to have few trusted sources and learn for myself. I have such a deep desire to learn a lot and educate my people. That's why I have my free facebook group. Which you can join here. So you can get all the education you need and ask questions when you have them.

ANYWAYS. The reason why I say this is because one thing that I have found to be a huge missing factor for many people is protein. Whether you are trying to look toned or trying to keep your bones strong, protein is a major key in that. Protein makes up a large part of our bodies. Our hair, skin, nails, bones …protein, protein, protein.

I have so many people come to me and tell me they eat a high protein diet. It doesn't take long for me to realize 1. that person is 9 times out of 10 not eating enough and 2. they are not eating enough protein.

A perfect example is a lady who came to me a few weeks ago and said she felt like all she ate was protein. I had her track a few days to get an idea of where she was at. Sure enough she was not eating enough protein. She was eating about 60 grams of protein. For someone who is 150 pounds trying to be at 130 you most likely need to be eating 130 grams of protein.

Protein helps in maintaining and preserving your lean muscle tissue. When you are eating enough protein you maintain and preserve lean muscle tissue. When you are doing that it boosts your metabolism allowing you to potentially burn more calories at rest. That could get you to your goal weight even faster.

When you are in a caloric deficit (eating less calories than you burn). The idea is that you will lose weight. When you are eating enough protein and in a caloric deficit the idea is that you will lose weight. While preserving your lean muscle. Which means you could get that lean and toned physique. If you're not eating enough protein you could actually lose muscle rather than fat. You could also be in the category of not looking like you work out but you actually work out all the time. That's annoying! I was also there for so long. I worked out consistently for years with hardly any results. Because I didn't prioritize protein.

So how much protein should you eat? On average, you want to eat your goal body weight in protein. This number can vary but that is the rule of thumb. So if you're 200 pounds wanting to be 150 pounds. Eat 150. Now if you're 200 pounds wanting to be 150 but you are currently eating about 80 grams of protein. Don't try to jump to 150. Work your way up. Consistently eat 80 grams for about two weeks. If you can manage that then shoot for 90 for a few weeks. And up from there.

To get more protein in you can eat things like chicken, turkey, beef, protein bar, protein shakes, greek yogurt or egg whites.

Protein shakes, let's talk about them. You may have had a bad experience with a protein powder in the past. Maybe it upset your stomach or didn't taste good. This is usually because it wasn't a great quality protein. You want a low temperature processed sustained assimilation protein shake. The way this type of protein shake is made it does not denature the protein. It will sit better and absorb better. It also tastes way better. Protein shakes aren't just for when you work out. I have protein powder every morning in my coffee with my collagen. It is so so so good. It's not so much the timing of when you eat it but getting in enough every day.

If you have interest in the protein powder I take. I would love to talk to you about it to make sure this is a good choice for you. Also that you know how to use it the most effectively. Please send me a message on instagram so we can talk about it.

Hopefully you now know why protein is important and how much protein you should be eating.

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