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Scary Fitness Mistakes & Myths

Since it is almost Halloween, I thought I would share a couple of scary fitness myths, terrifying exercises mistakes, and a personally spooky story.

Fitness and Nutrition Myths

Unfortunately, we all have misconceptions about working out, eating well, and being healthy. I’m here to bust a few of those myths so you’re not making any scary mistakes!

Lifting Weights is For Bulking Up

This is a common myth that female clients believe. They are often afraid to lift anything over a few pounds because they do not want to look “big and bulky.” This is not going to happen unless you are trying to get it to happen.

Strength training should be a very important part of a fitness routine. It helps your body in so many ways, like boosting your metabolism, improving your heart health, increasing your energy, minimizing injuries, and obviously making you stronger!

You Can Not Workout While Pregnant

This is a myth I have heard often as well. Before reading, remember to always check with your doctor if pregnant and get the a-ok to continue your exercise/fitness routine. With that said, here is what health coaches will tell you.

If you are experiencing a normal pregnancy with no major complications, you can exercise regularly and at the same intensity you did before you were pregnant.

If you have worked out before you were pregnant, whether strength training, HITT classes, yoga, etc., you can continue to take part in that workout while pregnant (if you feel comfortable). Physical activity does not increase your chances of a miscarriage and there are actually many programs designed for pregnant women, like prenatal yoga.

Restricting Calories Is Best For Weight Loss

This is another myth that is incredibly common — and it can lead to a ton of scary mistakes! Changing your eating habits while working out is super important if you want to reach your goals. You want to be incorporating good food choices to positively affect you. But you do not need to cut your calorie intake drastically! This can often lead to unhealthy eating habits or an unhealthy relationship with food.

Macro counting is a great way to still enjoy your favorite foods and not feel like you are counting calories every meal. Plus, having the right macros in your diet can help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Low Fat And Diet Foods/Drinks Are Healthier

There are so many “diet” meals sold in the frozen section, and the shelves are full of “low fat” and “diet” sodas and snacks. If you were to turn over these meals or drinks, you may notice they actually have MORE sugar and MORE salt than the regular-fat products you would find on the shelf. Instead of buying these products, just enjoy the regular-fat products in smaller portions — and opt for things like full-fat yogurt, cheese, and peanut butter.

Scary Fitness and Nutrition Stories

Now, I want to tell you a few scary stories I’ve heard from clients over the years...

The “Personal” Trainer

One client came to me afraid to work out at a gym or to exercise in any capacity because of a poor experience with a personal trainer. The personal trainer did not have a consultation with my client and did not know her goals or abilities.

She was running on the treadmill for almost 30 minutes (on the first day) and then 15-pound dumbbells were put in her hands with the directions, “Just bring them to your shoulders.” He did not properly show her how to perform any exercises. This was definitely not a very personal training experience.

This type of scenario could be very dangerous — and unfortunately is very common. This is why I always recommend that you ask your personal trainer:

  1. Do we have a consultation before we start training?

  2. Do you create a personalized program based on my goals/abilities?

  3. Are you going to educate me about different exercises while working together?

If you want to work with someone who can be more supportive and is more educated in custom exercise and nutrition plans, a health and fitness coach might be right for you.

A Not So Small Group

I recently had a client come to me who was a part of a macro program that was advertised as a “small group” of like-minded people trying to become healthier. Well, this group was actually not so small and my poor client was constantly asking questions because the coach barely gave any guidance or explanation.

The group had over 100 people and she was easily lost in the crowd. This type of experience can be frustrating and annoying for newbies. Plus, if guidance is barely given, how could you possibly be successful at a program?

That’s not the case inside my DIY Macro Management program. While you’re in charge of your macro calculations and adjustments, you don’t have to worry about contending with dozens of other people — the program is yours alone! And if you want 1:1 attention, I do offer 12-week virtual coaching sessions where I’m dedicated to you during our weekly meetings.

Whether you want to DIY your macros or get 1:1 support, you can find what you’re looking for here.

Don’t Let These Scary Stories Stop You

After these scary stories and myths, I hope I didn’t scare you off! If you are looking to invest in your health and you are scared to get started because of stories/myths above or other reasons.

I promise, with a great health coach and real personal attention, you can lead a healthier lifestyle. If you want to hear more about how to avoid certain fitness mistakes — or just reach your goals faster — join my email list. I share new tips each week!

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