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Self care selfish?

Is all this mental health stuff a bunch of woo woo

When it comes to spending time and money on yourself do you hesitate in thinking it's selfish. That you should be spending time with your kids or the money on a new house appliance.

Now, there is a difference between being responsible and stingy.

I was riding the stingy train for a really long time. I still do sometimes. Peter and I are working to be debt free so every penny counts. But my self care and mental health should not go out the window every time there is a bigger plan...There will always be a bigger plan.

In this journey to understand the balance of self care or being greedy i have learned three truths

I need to “Love your neighbor as yourself”. (Matt 12:31) I need to love others and love me. So I need to give to others and give to myself.

“Your body is a TEMPLE” ( 1 cor. 6:19-20) temples are taken care of and respected. I need to treat myself the same way

And if i don't take care of myself i won't be able to serve or love from an overflow. I will be pouring out from an empty cup. I cannot stop giving and receiving. And neither should you.

Self care can look different for everyone. Working out, working out less, walking, getting your nails done, getting a massage, signing up for the gym membership or eating the donut😉

Start showing yourself and the people around you some love and care💕

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