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Summer Abs

Summer is

here So we want to be beach time ready and we are right away thinking of our abs

Maybe quarantine caused us to pack on a few extra. So now when we go to try on our spring and summer clothes…. We panic.

How the heck did that happen?! This top was loose last year and these shorts definitely buttoned easier...

So we get super motivated to start working out and making a change.

Our gut needs the most “help” so our game plan is to start doing abs everyday.

Consider this: if you want a nice lawn and bushes would you go out and trim them everyday? Or get your landscaper to come everyday until the first day of summer?

No , you would have the landscaper come once a week and come throughout the entire summer. right?

The same is with our abs. We can't reverse all we've done by just doing abs everyday. You need to give your body recovery days for that muscle group, just like the other muscle groups.

Also, if you're properly engaging your core you shouldn't need to do so many ab exercise days.

You can not spot reduce. That means you can just pick an area and reduce fat from it. It's going to come from everywhere, not just one spot.

A big factor also is the food that's going in. Just like good mulch or seed for your lawn to look its best. Your body needs the right food to reveal your abs too

So don't put your motivation in the wrong places when getting ready for summer. Stick to what works, stay patient and keep it simple.

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