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The more you run and sweat the more weight you’ll lose right?

Or do you find yourself unsatisfied with the results of all the running you do?

Running is not the only way and it's not the most efficient for fat loss.

Yes you burn calories when you run but that doesn't mean fat. Running will not get you curves so your clothes fit the way you want.

So what should you do instead? Caloric deficit yes but maybe you need a reverse diet. Nutrition is key in this for fat loss so make that the priority, not cardio.

Weight training not only burn calories, but increase lean muscle mass, which stimulates the metabolism , it improves cardiovascular health, Lowers injury risks and Strengthens mental health

If you don't know where to start and you're working out at home you can try my app and refer to the beginner section. Or join a gym and get started in some strength training classes or hire a trainer who can walk you through a strength training program.

Get off the cardio train if you're looking for results and pick up the weights.

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