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Client highlight: Meg

Meg has been a client of mine for over two years now. She is a wife, homeowner and full time school teacher. Get to know her and the ways she made fitness sustainable for her long term. Breaking out of a restrictive all or nothing routine.

“I was so unhappy because I was unable to enjoy my favorite foods (I LOVE to eat) without major guilt the next day. All I wanted was to lose some weight, feel stronger, but not feel completely restricted! Maria’s program gave me that, and SO much more! Maria taught me how to manage a healthy lifestyle, not a diet. I wake up and enjoy working out, grocery shopping, going out with friends, and seeing consistent results to this day! Many people have asked me if it’s hard to track what I eat, or if I feel restricted…And my answer is NEVER! Maria is so supportive and gives you all the tools you need to be successful. Two years later, I am still motivated to continue living my new healthy and fun lifestyle!”

Six things meg did to see success in her process

One thing I love about Meg is she never hesitated in reaching out when she needed support. Whether she was about to go on vacation or coming back from vacation or had a day where she felt off. Meg would reach out and see how she could bounce back. Or she would message me her thoughts to get it out and now is able to self coach her way back out of the rabbit hole. She became aware of herself when she made excuses and was willing to own up to it. But didn't let it knock her down.

Which brings me to point number two. Meg broke out of the all or nothing mentality. We can all have a bit of that. When something doesn't go how we envisioned it or our cravings take over. It can be easy to say “well screw it, i'll start fresh tomorrow”. Meg wouldn't do that. Even if there came a few days where she felt off or made poor decisions or went on vacation and didn't stick to the game plan. She didn't let it dictate her next few days, weeks or months. She would process it, see why it happened. Then get back to doing what she knew served her best. She didn't wallow in frustration but reached out, we game planned and she got back to it. She discovered the beauty in balance.

In that process megs transition “back” was simple because point 3. We didn't over complicate the process. Which is how I coach the people that I work with. The process is simple. It's not always easy to execute on it daily but it's simple. For Meg we focused on the big four. Protein, Calories, Movement and water. We have worked her protein up. To boost her metabolism and maintain and preserve more lean muscle tissue. We Made caloric adjustments based on her goals. We’ve adjusted exercises routines based on her goals. But have always stuck within those walls. Because those four are crucial in your long term and short term fitness success. Yes, there are other things you can give attention to. But these four are the ones you can always fall back on and focus on.

Number 4. She never stops working hard or wanting to get better. Meg always celebrated her wins and physique changes. But she's also always looking for ways to improve. How can she get more definition or target certain areas? Her body has re-com positioned in a beautiful way. But it has taken her time. A Lot of time. And a lot of work. She’s never tossed in the towel on her progress.

Number 5. She implemented supplementation. Meg implemented the big four for quite some time and then started to implement supplementation. She got her post workout shake, opti greens and vitamins. This is a great way to get your body functioning optimally for optimal results as soon as possible. You want to make sure they are high quality supplements. Or else you're just wasting your money. But These supplements are crucial for gut health and overall body and cellular health. They're not to be overlooked. Especially with all the things added to our food now. And our lack of vegetable and fruit prioritization. We then lack those vitamins and minerals. So for optimal energy, metabolism function and overall health. Supplementation is a great tool that Meg has also implemented.

Number 6. Meg is not perfect but she's consistent. This is always so important to address because Meg is not a superhero. She works full time as a teacher, is married and takes care of her home. But she also prioritizes herself. Like i said earlier she owns up to where she falls short but then wants to get better. She doesn't settle for pretty good but works hard to be better. She gets up early before work or stays up late to get her workout in. She plans ahead. She meal preps. It didn't just happen for her. She chooses it everyday.

Meg is one of the countless people I have coached and still coach. I have loved getting to know her and being a part of her dating, engaged and now married life. I hope you can take something meg has implemented and bring it into your life and routine. For support and coaching like meg received you can book a call here or download this app, select "maria imperato" as your advisor and let's get started today. Don't wait to start. Change can start now.

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