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Explaining tracking macros to your kids and why you should

Moms give a lot of themselves to their kids. You take them to the doctor FOR them. You teach them manners and kindness (for you) and FOR them. You teach them how to ride a bike or how to put a bandaid on.

Often times you may get so wrapped up taking care of them you forget about you. Or feel selfish when wanting to implement something new to better yourself. As parents it's so important to take care of you, for them too. Because being the best version of yourself is going to be the best thing for your kids. Eating right for you is going to benefit you but also teach your kids. Tools to help you do that can benefit them also. I've had a lot of clients come to me with food issues that stemmed from childhood. can change that.

You may have contemplated tracking macros. Tracking calories or starting to implement healthy habits. But then had a thought. "well I don't want my kids to see me doing this". I would ask, why not? If you feel it's not right then yes I would agree. But something that should be made clear is that tracking food or using a food scale is a tool. Would you use a hammer in front of your children? I'd hope so. It's just a tool. Please don't try to get a nail in wood with your hand.

Or do you feel embarrassed when you're weighing food in front of your kids? Like you don't want them to remember growing up and mommy always weighing and measuring food?

Consider this: when you bring your kids to the dentist. Do you feel the same embarrassment? You don't want them to remember you taking them to the dentist to get their teeth checked?

Of course not.

Like the dentist, sometimes we need an outside source to show us what we might be missing or need attention in. We may need to learn what we could be doing better. The dentist might take x rays or tell you to floss a little better.

Similarly tracking macros is a tool to see what your body needs more of. It's so important to see how it makes your body feel because that is what's most important. So like some other uncomfortable topics, you can't ignore them. Explain it to your kids. To your spouse.

For example, “Mommy is weighing her chicken because I need to make sure I get enough protein in. Because I want to be strong so I can play with you.” OR “Mommy is not going to eat the cookie because she already had one. And if I have another I will get very tired.”

**(not because I'm going to get fat.)**

There is always a reason behind what you should be fueling your body with. And you should be explaining that to your kids

You do Not have to track your food Forever. But it is an amazing tool that you can always refer to. You can also explain that to your kids. Include them, teach them. Wouldn't you have loved the same?

So rather than making tracking or weighing food this negative binding ball and chain. Use it to educate yourself and your children. It will also show your children what a balanced meal looks like. I'm not saying you need to weigh everything always or track forever. Because I don't think anybody needs to do that. But if you're looking to try it or get back on track I think it's a wonderful tool.

Something I've learned in how my husband and I function best is communication. If you're not communicating to your kids why. And all they see is your discouragement when you're tracking something. Then they will probably have a bitter taste in their mouth about it too.

What you can do instead is have reasoning and goals behind why you track or weigh food and explain that to them. It will also keep yourself in check of your motives behind why you're doing what you're doing. It doesn't hurt to share why you're doing things. Explain what it's teaching to you. Would you ever hide the fact that you're using your google maps to get to a new place? no, it's something to help you and guide you. Look at this the same way.

If you need more tools on how to educate yourself or explain things. Join my free facebook group for help

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