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Macro Friendly Taco Recipes

While you are tracking your macros you can still enjoy foods like tacos. There are so many taco recipes that make perfect macro-friendly meals and help you get your taco fix in, too!

When you are counting macros it can sometimes feel like you can no longer enjoy your favorite foods. But that is not the case! If you pay attention to the protein, carbs, and fat. You can still have your favorites and make it a healthy meal as well. Here are 3 of my favorite taco recipes. Plus, all 3 are macro-friendly recipes!

Taco Recipe #1: Lettuce Chicken Tacos

-Shredded chicken

-Light sour cream

-Chunky salsa

-Reduced-fat cheese

- Iceberg lettuce leaves

Tacos are often macro-friendly, but when you add the meat, the tortilla, and all the add-ins, the macros can add up quickly. This recipe uses iceberg lettuce leaves instead. This is perfect if you need a lower carb option. Tacos are often eaten at dinner and maybe you had a high carb lunch. This is a perfect swap.

  1. Wash your iceberg lettuce leaves and pat them dry.

  2. Add on your shredded chicken, cheese, and sour cream. Insider Tip: You can replace sour cream with plain greek yogurt.

  3. Top with salsa. Insider Tip: Make sure your salsa isn’t runny or it will make the iceberg lettuce Leaves become soft.

  4. Eat every bite of your delicious tacos.

Taco Recipe #2: Ground Turkey Tacos

-Ground turkey

-Veggies (tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc)


-Light sour cream

-Reduced-fat cheese

-Corn tortilla

This isn’t your average ground turkey taco. You can always change out the meat to best fit your tastes, but remember, steak and pork are very high in fat and your calories could jump high quick that way! Lean meats like ground turkey or chicken are great high protein low fat options. You can always do a little half and half action if you are craving that red meat! Red meat is not "bad" for you. It's jus higher in calories and fat so if you need to save some gravitate towards the chicken or turkey.

  1. Grab your corn tortilla. Insider Tip: If you are looking to keep the calories low. Corn tortillas are normally smaller, so the macros are smaller too!

  2. Add on your ground turkey.

  3. Dump the veggies. Insider Tip: Use salsa as a sauce to saute your meat or veggies in. It will give amazing flavor without the calories.

  4. Add the sour cream and cheese.

Taco Recipe #3: Cilantro Lime Fish Tacos



-Lime juice


-Veggies of your choice


If you are not into protein in the form of meat, this macro-friendly fish taco recipe is an amazing choice! The lime, avocado, and cilantro complement each other well. A perfect summer taco option!

  1. Cook tilapia until it is flakey.Insider Tip: Try not to use much oil, sauce, etc. when cooking. It will increase the macros easily and quickly.

  2. Mix cilantro and lime juice, add to tilapia and saute (5minutes) breaking apart fish.

  3. Grab your corn or flour tortilla.

  4. Add veggies of your choice. Insider Tip: Cabbage is very delicious on fish tacos!

  5. Add fish and top with sliced avocado, more cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.

Want more recipes and snacks that help you hit your macro goals

So many of my clients ask if they can still eat their beloved tacos (or any other food they crave). I always answer with a very enthusiastic “YES!” Tacos are a staple in my house and they can easily be made with your macros in mind. Don’t forget to follow and tag me on Instagram @maria_slager_imperato and show me your macro-friendly taco creations!

I love seeing everyone enjoying their favorite food while still becoming healthier and happier. Fitness does not have to be boring or miserable hopefully these recipes help you see that. These are only 3 taco recipes, but I bet you and your whole family will enjoy them! They’re also not the only recipes I share. Download the Mifit app and upgrade for more recipes, exercises, and other tips to stay healthy and eat well.

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