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Tracking your Macros does not mean Healthier

Just because something has less fat or more protein does not mean its healthier. Its just macro friendly.

So what is macros friendly? well, people tracking macros see the need in balancing out their carbs, fat and protein. Often you're eating high protein meals so you can hit your goal protein number easier. Now just because this halo top ice cream has higher protein in it, it doesn't mean it's healthier. Or this pizza has meat on it so it says high protein and is macros friendly. That doesn't mean it's healthier. Healthier than what?!

The beauty of macros, and potentially the downfall. Is that you can eat a lot of non nutritious foods and still hit your goal numbers. You may in fact see progress and fat loss from it too but is it the "healthiest" option? If you're doing it that way possibly not.

So this flexible dieting option is amazing but it also could be a double edged sword.

I LOVE the option for this flexible lifestyle. As I mentioned in the past i used to be extremely restrictive so now tracking macros I feel so freaking free. So I do believe it is the best way to reach your fitness goals.

It also makes the most sense. You calculate what your body with your goals and activity level needs and adjust accordingly. Its long term realistic and get you the best results.

But, can it be manipulated? Sure. Do i think it's still better than a binge and restrict cycle, oh heck yeah.

But let me share what i've experienced recently. Since the holidays I've been slacking big time on the nutrient dense foods I've been consuming. Thats my fruits, veggies, potatoes. things like that. I was swapping it for sugary options instead and chips, so many chips! Which on occasion, in my opinion, is not wrong. But I was on a streak of eating this way on the daily. With most of my meals.

And you know what happened? I got sick. I felt like garbage for several days. What i think happened is my crappy habits caught up to me. I manipulated the system and it didn't show in my physique yet but it made my insides and my energy levels feel like garbage.

So I do believe macros is the best way to get results and not be restrictive to what you can eat. But it's not a free for all. Use the 80/20 mindset or even 70/30. 80% nutritious foods and 20 percent whatever you want. So for me I was still having my eggs but instead of having one slice of my cinnamon swirl bread and some fruit. I would have allllll cinnamon swirl bread. It's ok to have a meal like that but pretty much all my meals I was choosing foods that weren't nutrient dense.

A way to know whats nutrient dense and whats not. Single ingredient foods are on average your most nutrient dense. For example : apples, potatoes, bananas, broccoli. You get the picture.

So, of course, have the things you enjoy! But, keep in mind how the foods you select make you feel now and a few days from now.

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