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3 Unexpected Benefits of Counting Macros

3 Unexpected Benefits of Counting Macros

When I started my macro journey, I did not know it would take me to where I am today. At first, it was just a tool I was using to help me eat healthier and to feel better in my clothing. I added a little more exercise to my routine. Another quick walk around my neighborhood, nothing fancy, and I was noticing how much better I was feeling within a few months. My health journey didn’t start with intense cardio or strict diets — it started by listening to what my body (and my brain) needed).

While speaking to clients who were just starting their own health journey, I knew that I wanted to emphasize how different they’d feel. It’s not just about losing extra belly fat or being able to toss around 200 lbs in weights. It’s about how you feel in your body and in your mind. Without knowing these other benefits of macro counting and exercise, you might feel you are accomplishing nothing if you do not see the scale dropping right away, or you still get a little winded when going on a hike.

But the physical and mental health benefits of macros and exercise are endless. Here are just a few unexpected benefits you might not have known about:

Take the guesswork out of mealtimes

One of the greatest benefits of macros is the fact you are no longer guessing and trying to figure out “What do I eat today?” You can plan, plug your macros in, prep your meals for the day (or even week), and not have to worry or think about it.

If you are new to macros, planning and prepping will also help with portion control and consuming the correct macro numbers. Plus, your hunger should stay at bay throughout the day! No need to try and figure out quick “add-on” snacks or meals (or feeling bad when you have to eat out because you’re starving and don’t have enough food at the office or home).

Macro counting is a flexible way to eat because it is based on your goals and body. It is 100% customizable and so is the food you eat. You don’t have to guess how many points a meal is, or order specific meals to be delivered to your door and cross your fingers.

Although many people often try to figure out their macro numbers without professional help. I always recommend seeing a trained macro coach to get you started on the right foot! If your macros are not calculated correctly, you can find yourself hungry, losing muscle, etc. I also offer a DIY Macro Management program for those who want to learn how to manage their macros themselves!

You’ll feel better about yourself from the start

A healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. So when stepping on the scale, don’t expect to see 10 pounds gone within 5 days of starting a macro diet. But that doesn’t mean you will never see results!

If you are following your macro plan properly and are exercising, you will see results. With the correct customized macros, you may lose between 2% to 5% of your body fat during the first month, which is awesome! Everyone loves seeing weight loss. But there is so much more happening in your body that you’ll notice.

When following a macro diet, you will not just see the scale go down. You will have better energy levels, and you may notice your sweet tooth is gone as well! You might experience better digestion, less pain in your body, clearer skin, and more.

Creating a habit of exercising will also make you feel stronger and can put you into a better mental state. You’ll likely feel more centered and be able to really enjoy activities that felt inaccessible to you before. Taking a hike might not just be a catchphrase anymore!

When you choose to become healthier by focusing on your macros and also exercise, you’ll see benefits in no time. It is not always about the scale, though; it’s about your mental wellbeing, your energy, and how your new efforts to be healthy make you feel. It looks good on you!

You’ll have a stress relief outlet

Work, school, family, health — these are all big causes of stress in our lives. It can be very challenging to get away from your stressors and find “me time.” Practicing self-care is very important when you are on a health and fitness journey, though, and exercise is often a time for you to focus on yourself and practice a little self-love and self-care!

As you probably already know, exercise is a great stress reliever. Had a bad day in the office? Head to kickboxing class and hit your frustration out. Feeling over-stimulated and no longer grounded? Grab your yoga mat and find some inner peace. Need a little alone time? Tie your sneakers and hit the road with your favorite tunes or podcast.

When exercising, you are releasing endorphins which are the brain's feel-good neurotransmitters. It will put you in a good mood. Exercise has been shown to help relieve stress, anxiety, and mild depression. It will also make you feel good. It has also been shown to help improve your sleep, make you more optimistic, and help you stay calm.

Combine that with balanced macros and healthy food choices, and you’ll feel energized, awake, and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

Want these benefits and more?

There are so many significant benefits to choosing balanced macros and exercise, some of which I couldn’t cover here. If the benefits I just covered here sound like the transformation you’re needing in your life, I would love to help you get started on your health journey. Sign up for a free consultation call today and we can talk about my 12-week virtual coaching program.

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